Goin' out of town to get hot girls

My Pickup Girls 1 year ago 15 615 57 min
When it comes to seducing pretty girls on hot summer days, nothing beats the country. Chicks in the city are always in a hurry, they have no time to stop and talk to handsome stangers. And of course none of them agreed to go sunbathing with us. But things changed as soon as we got to the country. The first babe that we met agreed to have a walk with us, and that was already something! Ok, maybe we couldn't talk her into having public sex with us, but after a while she agreed to have pickup sex in some old ruined house. It took us about 20 minutes to persuade her to do that, and the long-haired hottie surprised us with her awesome blowjob skills. Check out our new pick up girl!