Public Fuck for My Buddy

My Pickup Girls 9 years ago 4 887 16 min
Me and my buddy (Vasiliy) met this girl while we were driving around the city. Suddenly, Vasya decided to fuck this cutie and he offered to give her a ride. At first, she refused to get in, but Vasya knows how to seduce cute girls. Then, we've found out that this whore was a poor student and she needed money.My buddy is smart guy, so he suggested: 'I'll give you money, and you make me feel good.' She hesitated for a while and took the money... The public blowjob was great - at first she was ashamed and scared that someone will notice her, but then all fears vanished! After dick-sucking, he fucked her like a dog and then in "half-sandwich-style". This bitch refused to suck mine, and I just jerked off... Happy for Vasya, he had a great public fuck almost for free!